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Keep things orderly. Organization will help you locate items.

Proper lighting is very important. Adjust the light accordingly to the activity you are doing. Use natural daylight when possible.

Color contrast can make mainly tasks easier. Use light objects against dark backgrounds and dark objects against light backgrounds. Use the colors you see best.


When pouring dark liquids (like coffee), use a light colored cup. The light colored cup should on a dark colored background.

When pouring light liquids (such as milk), use a contrasting colored cup which is placed on a light background.

To pour water, use a dark colored glass. Listen for the sound to change as the cup is being filled.

Trays or place mats are helpful to create a contrasting background on countertops.

Use a dark cutting board for light foods: a light board for dark food.

Use brightly colored paint, vinyl, or tape on cupboards, cabinets, drawers, handles, etc, to help in visually locating the

Use brightly colored paint or tape on handles of kitchen equipment or utensils. For Example: a bright strip of tape on a measuring cup handle will help locate the handle.

Use a pot with a flat color (other than aluminum) on the inside.

Kitchen dials can also be marked with bright, contrasting tape. Mark the oven dial at the temperature most frequently used, or use several different contrasting colors for different temperatures.

Use a timer; it will be easier than trying to visually check some of the items you are cooking.

Color code recipe cards. For Example, one color meat, another for poultry, and another for desserts.

Rewrite favorite recipes on index cards in large print with a black felt tipped pen.

Label groceries by rewriting the name of the item on light colored matte paper with a black felt tipped pen, and then secure the label with a rubber band or tape.

Keep the kitchen organized! Be the one in charge of putting the groceries or other item s away.

You, and all the members of your family, must remember to completely close all kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and drawers

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