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Use the contrast rule for setting the table: light dishes need dark place mats or table cloth. Dark dishes should be on a light background. Use solid table cloths or place mats only, patterns can be confusing.

If proper lighting allows you to see the food on your plate, then use it! Place a high intensity lamp by your seat to illuminate your plate

To aid in locating the position of different foods on the plate, use a clock system. The location of the food will correspond to the number on the face of the clock. For Example, Pork at the top of the plate will be at twelve ‘o clock, peas at the bottom of the plate would be at six’ o clocks, and so on.


Use magnifying mirrors to help with shaving and makeup.

Hanging a towel on the wall opposite the bathroom mirror can be used to provide a contrasting background for brushing hair.

When choosing a shower curtain, a clear plastic one (with a design as one chooses) allows more light for showering

Use brightly colored tape on such household items as the thermostat, electrical outlets, light switches, and drawstrings on drapes. Such color contrast will help in locating their position.

Steps and stairs inside and outside your home should have the leading step colored with tape or paint for easier visibility.

When placing furniture in a "conversational setting", consider the most comfortable distance for conversation. Chairs placed to far apart may be beyond the visual comfort of the low vision individual.

If your furniture does not contrast with its surroundings, place a plant or bright object near the furniture corners to provide clues of their location.

Avoid patterned tablecloths or upholstery. They make it difficult to locate objects that may be placed on or near them


Simple tricks may help you identify diff rent types of currency.
  $1.00     Leave flat
  $5.00     Fold in half width-wise
  $10.00   Fold in half length-wise
  $20.00 Fold in half width-wise and                length-wise

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